Stretch Wrap

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Hand Stretch Wrap

Our hand wrap offers a clear, glossy appearance, superior stiffness and consistent differential cling.

This hand wrap exhibits excellent tensile strength and stretch, combined with exceptional puncture and tear resistance.

This high-performance hand wrap is designed to secure irregular and hard-to-wrap loads.

Smooth, easy release - Wraps loads fast with little effort.



SW-1570 15" x 1500' Stretch Wrap 70 gauge 4 rolls/case
SW-1580 15" x 1500' Stretch Wrap 80 gauge 4 rolls/case
SW-1860 18" x 2000' Stretch Wrap 60 gauge 4 rolls/case
SW-1875 18" x 1500' Stretch Wrap 75 gauge 4 rolls/case
SW-1880 18" x 1500' Stretch Wrap 80 gauge 4 rolls/case
SW-1890 18" x 1500' Stretch Wrap 90 gauge 4 rolls/case



Machine Length Stretch Wrap

Designed for use in a stretch wrapper, this film has superior strength and excellent puncture resistance.

SW-2070 20" x 6000' Stretch Wrap 70 gauge
SW-2080 20" x 5000' Stretch Wrap 80 gauge
SW-2090 20" x 5000' Stretch Wrap 90 gauge
SW-3080 30" x 5000' Stretch Wrap 80 gauge




Easy to use, these mini-wrappers make bundling a breeze. A great alternative to banding, strapping tapes, or twine.

* each case comes with a plastic dispenser handle.

SW-380 3" x 1000' Stretch Wrap   80 gauge 18 rolls/case
SW-3115 3" x 700' Stretch Wrap 115 gauge 18 rolls/case
SW-580 5" x 1000' Stretch Wrap  80 gauge 12 rolls/case
SW-5115 5" x 700' Stretch Wrap  115 gauge 12 rolls/case



Pipe Wrap

Our 20" pipe wrap features a 5" handle on each side, eliminating the need for a stretch wrap dispenser.

The 5" pipe wrap is the no-hassle way to handle all of your bundling needs. With the built in handle you no longer have to worry about losing the plastic one.

PW-5 5" x 1000' Stretch Wrap w/ extended core 80 gauge 15 rolls/case
PW-20 20" x 1000' Stretch Wrap w/ extended core 80 gauge 4 rolls/case

Color Tinted Stretch Wrap

Color tinted stretch wrap is perfect for international shipments, consealing packages, and color coding.

Color tinted wrap is available in both 18" hand wrap (pictured on the left) and in 20" pipe wrap (pictured on the right)

Many colors available, call for details.

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